Reteach To Build Understanding Examples: A Guide To Effective Teaching

Last Modified: Published: 2023/04
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What is Reteaching?

Reteaching is a teaching strategy that involves revisiting a lesson or concept that students have struggled with in order to reinforce their understanding. It is an effective way to help students who may have missed key information or need extra support to catch up with their peers.

Why is Reteaching Important?

Reteaching is important because it ensures that all students have the opportunity to understand and master the material. It helps to prevent students from falling behind and becoming frustrated, as well as giving teachers the chance to identify and address gaps in their students' knowledge.

How to Reteach Effectively?

When reteaching, it is important to identify the specific areas that students are struggling with and to tailor your approach accordingly. Here are some effective strategies:

1. Use Visual Aids

Visual aids like diagrams, charts, and pictures can help to reinforce learning and make difficult concepts easier to understand.

2. Provide Additional Examples

Providing additional examples of the concept being taught can help students to apply what they have learned to different scenarios, reinforcing their understanding.

3. Use Real-Life Examples

Using real-life examples can help to make abstract concepts more relatable and easier to understand.

4. Break Down the Concept

Breaking down a complex concept into smaller, more manageable parts can make it easier for students to comprehend and remember.

Examples of Reteaching in Action

Here are some examples of how reteaching can be used in the classroom:

1. Math

If students are struggling with fractions, a teacher might reteach the concept using visual aids like pie charts or breaking down the concept into smaller parts like numerator and denominator.

2. Science

If students are struggling to understand the water cycle, a teacher might use real-life examples like the process of boiling water or a rainstorm to help reinforce the concept.

3. English Language Arts

If students are struggling with reading comprehension, a teacher might reteach the concept by breaking down the text into smaller parts and using additional examples to help students understand the meaning.


Reteaching is a powerful tool for teachers to help their students understand and master difficult concepts. By identifying areas where students are struggling and tailoring their approach accordingly, teachers can ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed.



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