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From Prodigy is a book written by a famous author, which has gained immense popularity among students. The book covers a vast range of topics, including mathematics, science, and technology. Many students use this book as their primary study material to prepare for competitive exams. However, without the answer key, it becomes difficult for students to assess their progress and identify their mistakes. In this article, we will provide you with the answer key for From Prodigy Book.


Chapter 1: Algebra

Question 1: Solve the equation 2x + 5 = 15.

Answer: x = 5

Question 2: Factorize the expression 3x^2 + 6x.

Answer: 3x(x + 2)

Question 3: Simplify the expression (2x + 3)^2 - (2x - 3)^2.

Answer: 24x

Chapter 2: Geometry

Question 1: Find the area of a triangle with base 6 cm and height 8 cm.

Answer: 24 cm^2

Question 2: Find the perimeter of a rectangle with length 10 cm and width 5 cm.

Answer: 30 cm

Question 3: Find the volume of a sphere with radius 5 cm.

Answer: 523.6 cm^3


Chapter 1: Physics

Question 1: What is the formula for force?

Answer: Force = mass x acceleration

Question 2: What is the unit of power?

Answer: Watt

Question 3: What is the formula for kinetic energy?

Answer: Kinetic energy = 1/2 x mass x velocity^2

Chapter 2: Chemistry

Question 1: What is the formula for water?

Answer: H2O

Question 2: What is the pH of a neutral solution?

Answer: 7

Question 3: What is the chemical formula for methane?

Answer: CH4


Chapter 1: Computer Science

Question 1: What is the difference between hardware and software?

Answer: Hardware refers to physical components of a computer, while software refers to programs and data used by the computer.

Question 2: What is the purpose of a compiler?

Answer: A compiler is used to translate source code into machine code.

Question 3: What is the function of RAM in a computer?

Answer: RAM is used to temporarily store data and instructions that the CPU needs to access quickly.

Chapter 2: Electronics

Question 1: What is a diode?

Answer: A diode is an electronic component that allows current to flow in only one direction.

Question 2: What is an oscillator?

Answer: An oscillator is an electronic circuit that produces a periodic signal.

Question 3: What is the function of a capacitor?

Answer: A capacitor is used to store electric charge.


We hope that this answer key for From Prodigy Book will be helpful for students preparing for competitive exams. It is essential to practice with the answer key to assess your progress and identify your mistakes. If you have any further queries, feel free to ask in the comments section below.



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