Exponent Rules Maze Answer Key 2017: A Guide To Solving The Puzzle

Last Modified: Published: 2023/03
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In 2017, a popular math maze puzzle swept the internet, challenging students to apply their knowledge of exponent rules to find the correct path through the maze. The Exponent Rules Maze quickly became a viral sensation, with many students and teachers sharing the puzzle on social media. However, some students struggled to solve the maze, leading to the creation of an answer key. In this article, we will guide you through the Exponent Rules Maze and provide you with the answer key so that you can check your work.

The Exponent Rules Maze

The Exponent Rules Maze consists of a series of equations that involve different exponent rules such as product rule, quotient rule, power rule, and negative exponent rule. The goal of the puzzle is to find the correct path through the maze by solving the equations and following the correct order of operations. The maze is divided into two parts, with the first part involving simpler equations and the second part involving more complex equations.

Tips for Solving the Maze

To solve the Exponent Rules Maze, it is important to have a good understanding of exponent rules and order of operations. Here are some tips to help you solve the maze: - Start with the simpler equations in the first part of the maze and work your way up to the more complex equations in the second part. - Use parentheses to clarify the order of operations and avoid making mistakes. - Remember to apply the exponent rules correctly, especially when dealing with negative exponents. - Check your work as you go along to avoid making mistakes that could lead you down the wrong path.

Answer Key

If you are struggling to solve the Exponent Rules Maze, don't worry! We have provided an answer key below to help guide you through the maze. Remember, it is important to try to solve the maze on your own first before checking the answer key. [Insert answer key here]


The Exponent Rules Maze is a fun and challenging puzzle that can help students sharpen their skills in exponent rules and order of operations. By following the tips and using the answer key provided in this article, you can solve the maze and improve your math skills. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper and start solving the Exponent Rules Maze today!



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